June 10, 2017


Sean Shepard

Vocals, Guitar

Dylan Vanderson


Jake Rzeppa


Katie Hansen

Guest Vocals on "Lullaby For..."

Mark Stewart

Producer, Engineer

All Songs Written by Antighost


Release Date

June 10, 2017


Punk Rock


Released Independently

From the Artist

Recording at Raydon is not only an exciting and affordable experience, it is a privilege. Working alongside Mark has taught me so much as a musician. It has pushed me as an artist, inspired me as a songwriter, and I came out with an album that I am damn proud of. Raydon cares about what they record. Artists aren't just another paycheck to them, they are treated as artists. Each recording, whether it be a song, EP or full length album, gets undivided attention and the time it deserves. Mark could easily charge triple what he does now for the work he provides, but that is not who he is. His love of music and passion to create is what drives Raydon. Take my many words for it, Raydon is THE place to record no matter the genre. If you consider yourself to be an artist, go somewhere that treats you as one.

Sean Shepard, Guitar and Vocals