Self Titled


Lee Cleaveland & The Lefthand Band

April 27, 2019


Lee Cleaveland

Vocals, Guitar, Trumpet, Harmonica

Will McPeek

Bass, Keys, Baritone Sax, Theremin, Tin Whistle, Spoons, Backing Vocals

Lukas Jacob

Alto Saxophone

Nick Russo


Mark Stewart

Producer, Engineer

All Songs Written by Lee Cleaveland & The Lefthand Band


Release Date

April 27, 2019


Folk Rock


Released Independently

From the Artist

Worked with Mark at Raydon on our EP and we had an amazing experience. He has a fantastic facility, he’s very patient and fun to work with and by the end of recording it felt like he was part of the band.

Lee Cleaveland, Vocals and Guitar

Fun experience - felt like I was hanging with the guys, except work Got DONE. Mark gives great advice while recording that heavily contributed to our sound. Also - the place is beautiful! Great creative and comfortable space with passionate people.

Lukas Jacob, Saxophone