Thursday thru Sunday


Dinosaur Garden

April 27, 2018


Nick Rafaill


Tino Hoban


Andrew Martin


Mark Stewart

Guitar, Bass, Producer, Engineer

All Songs Written by Dinosaur Garden


Release Date

April 27, 2018


Pop Rock


Released Independently

From the Artist

Recording our album at Raydon Studio was an absolute blast and a wonderful learning experience. Seeing as how this was the first time our band had been in the studio, we were not quite sure what to expect. However, Mark Stewart made it a great experience from the start. He is very personable and organized, working countless hours to make sure that we achieved the sound that we wanted. Whenever we had questions about the recording process or about our music specifically, Mark was there to answer them. He also gave us plenty of feedback and ideas along the way to make sure that we were creating the best sound possible. Overall, our band was very happy with the work that was put into producing our album and the overall finished product.

Andrew Martin, Drums

We had access to the producer at any time throughout the recording process. There was never a moment during production that we felt like the music was out of our hands, and Mark acted as incredibly skilled and helpful oversight; he was adept with the technical equipment, displayed expertise in musical theory, and played an integral role in the writing process, helping bring the album to its final form. We are all incredibly happy with our experience, and believe we’ve produced an album that brings something unique to the Rock ’n Roll genre.

Nick Rafaill, Vocals